Kim, the Shizz.

[overthinker, overfeeler]

I feel like it was a good 3 day run but I am pooped and want to go back to pre-“you might fail this year” mode where I ate lots of takeaway and chocolate and hid in bed. I am ignoring phone calls too. ERGH.

Dandenong rail upgrade in disarray »

Lol “we won’t rush to sign contracts” (when they’re for public transport)

Yet East-West Link….

I owe so many people apologies. I’ve been living in a bubble for about 3 or 4 months where I hate myself, but I’m self-centred, where I want to study medicine but I can’t commit to the work, where getting out of bed has been hell, and too many hours have been spent sleeping and I’m still tired. I just wanted to say…

I’m sorry I haven’t been a good friend.

I’m sorry if I lost you along the way, it makes me very sad.

I’m sorry.

I’m trying now - getting out of bed is still scary, but there is so much I want to do and be. And I have to work hard for exams (statistics show with my current knowledge I have a 50% chance of failing…) but after that I hope I see you.